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Submit a textbook/equipment adoption list

DUSA Bookshop is the only supplier of textbooks and equipment on Deakin University Campuses. The bookstores stock textbooks, reference books, Deakin course materials, general books, stationery and gifts.

Importantly, DUSA Bookshop liaises with Deakin's academic staff to make sure that textbook adoptions are submitted, ordered from publishers and made available for students to purchase.

Help Us to Help You

Academics play a vital role in ensuring that the DUSA Bookshop has current and accurate information to enable us to provide students with their textbook needs.

The Textbook Adoption Process

1) Textbook/Equipment Adoption Lists

DUSA Bookshop prompts lecturers to submit textbook adoption information via the DUSA Bookshop web site prior to the beginning of each semester. We request information such as your textbook requirements and enrolment numbers for the relevant course. Textbook Adoption Lists should be completed and submitted as soon as possible (by the specified date at the very latest) as most textbooks are imported via sea-freight into Australia. If we do not place our orders prior to the suppliers' sea freight cut-off dates, additional costs are incurred and passed onto students because books will then need to be air freighted in (at up to $8.50 per book).

Also, please insure that the DUSA Bookshop Textbook Department is notified of any changes that may affect textbooks ie, increases in enrolments, the need to change a textbook, or if the course is unexpectedly cancelled.

2) Ordering

Based on the information provided on the Textbooks Adoption List that you submit to us, our Procurement Officer will place orders with our suppliers. If there are any extenuating circumstances concerning your prescribed textbooks (eg. it is going to be used for an open book exam) please note this in the comment section when submitting your Textbook Adoption List as this kind of information will influence our ordering patterns.

Note: an adoption list needs to be submitted for a subject each semester it runs. We can not presume that you are going to reuse the same text. Even if you are going to request the same textbooks again, you will need to resubmit your adoption list (with up-to-date enrolment figures).

Textbook Adoption List Terminology

PRESCRIBED - When a textbook is selected as 'prescribed' the DUSA Bookshop Procurement Officer assumes this text will be heavily promoted by the lecturer and essential for students to successfully complete the subject.

RECOMMENDED - 'recommended' textbooks are not considered an essential purchase for students, but they are deemed a useful resource. Students will often not purchase these titles immediately, rather waiting to see if the lecturer recommends them highly in their classes. For this reason, DUSA Bookshop usually stocks less quantities of 'recommended' titles than of 'prescribed' ones.

Ordering Non-textbooks

DUSA Bookshop carries a wide range of academic titles that are currently not on booklists. If you are intending to make reference to particular books in lectures/tutorials and would like to make sure that the bookstore will have stock available, please contact our Procurement Officer: brendan.neil@deakin.edu.au

3) Keeping Textbooks in Stock

DUSA Bookshop will always endeavour to have a sufficient quantity of textbooks in stock for students to purchase. Usually difficulties arise when subject numbers change or another subject decides to use the same text but does not alert DUSA Bookshop. The more information we have from academic staff the easier it is to keep our stock levels up.

It is important to note that most suppliers place a limit on the number of books that can be returned, and some suppliers do not accept any returns at all. This factor is taken into account when ordering books.

4) Deakin Course Materials – Study Guides and Readers

Though DUSA Bookshop stock these items for students to purchase, we do not arrange or place initial orders.

Academic staff wishing to have their course materials available from DUSA Bookshop bookshops can do so by sending details of the item(s) to the following email address: logistics-req@deakin.edu.au. Further Information about organising Deakin Course Materials can be obtained from: Amanda Stokes, Logistics Division, Phone: ext 78165, Email: amanda.stokes@deakin.edu.au.

Submit a textbook/equipment adoption list

If you have any queries about submitting your textbook requirements (not Deakin Course Materials) contact:

Brendan Neil
Procurement Officer
Phone: 03 9246 8403
Email: brendan.neil@deakin.edu.au

Contact DUSA Bookshop

The DUSA Bookshop Procurement Officer is available to discuss your needs, please get in touch:

Brendan Neil

Procurement Officer
Ph: 03 9246 8403
Email: brendan.neil@deakin.edu.au

Purchases for Deakin Faculties

Deakin Faculties, Institutes and Resource Centres can order books and resources from the DUSA Bookshop using Deakin Purchase Orders.

If we don't have the books you want in stock we will be happy to order them in especially for you.

Need a Desk Copy?

Desk copies of textbooks on adoption lists can be arranged by contacting the publisher directly. Visit the linked publisher websites below or speak to your publisher's sales representative.

Allen & Unwin

Cambridge University Press

CCH Australia

Cengage Learning

Elsevier Australia

Harper Collins Australia

John Wiley & Sons Australia

LexisNexis Butterworths

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Macmillan Australia

McGraw-Hill Australia

Oxford University Press

Palgrave Macmillan

Pearson Education


Random House Australia

Taylor and Francis

Thames & Hudson

Thomson Legal & Regulatory Ltd