DUSA Bookshop

2nd Hand Books

From May 28 to July 7 the DUSA Bookshop will buy back selected second hand books. Please contact the friendly staff at the DUSA Bookshop to see which books they will be buying back. Please note that books need to be in an acceptable condition for re-sale

At specific times of the year DUSA Bookshop accepts any second-hand textbooks that appear on the Deakin booklist at each particular campus. Off-campus textbooks are accepted at all DUSA Bookshop outlets.

Students wanting to sell their second-hand textbooks now receive their money upfront. Books are sold at 65% of the recommended retail price; the seller receives 40% of the original recommended retail price.

DUSA Bookshop will only accept limited numbers of each title, so please get in early. Books must be in an acceptable condition for re-sale (subject to the bookshop's discretion).

For further details, visit in-store or phone 1800 686 681 for your nearest DUSA Bookshop outlet.

Tips for selling

Make sure you keep an eye on this page for the latest dates that we buy and sell your text books. We do not buy second hand books outside of these times before the start of each semester.

Keep your books in decent condition, as we cannot purchase second hand books that are not in acceptable condition for re-sale.