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Bookstores @ Deakin University campuses - Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool

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DUSA Bookshop will be closed for Stocktake on Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th June. We will reopen on Wednesday 1st July. If you wish to place an online order please go to www.dusabookshop.com.au and your order will be dispatched via mail on Wednesday.

DUSA Bookshop is currently accepting second hand books. Textbooks must be prescribed for Trimester 2 and in good condition. Monday 1st June - Friday 10th July.

DUSA Non-fiction

  • Thug Kitchen: Eat Like you Give a F*** Cover Image

    Thug Kitchen: Eat Like you Give a F***

    ISBN: 9780751555516

    There is no shortage of healthy food on the internet ...aspirational blogs that are beautifully designed and elegantly written, in which a typical entry might recount a leisurely afternoon stroll to the farmers' market to pick up a bunch of organic kale. We think they are gr...

  • The Mixers Manual Cover Image

    The Mixers Manual

    Author: Jones, Dan | ISBN: 9781742707747

    A stylish manual for men who mix cocktails. Mix drinks like a pro with this indispensable collection of 150 of the world’s finest cocktails, all of which can be made from the comfort of your own mixing lab: your kitchen. Dan Jones shares recipes for classic tipples such as...

  • More Fool Me Cover Image

    More Fool Me

    Author: Stephen Fry | ISBN: 9780718179786

    'Oh dear, I am an arse. I expect there'll be what I believe is called an 'intervention' soon. I keep picturing it. All my friends bearing down on me, and me denying everything until my pockets are emptied. Oh, the shame.' In this early thirties, Stephen Fry – write...

  • Stand By Me Cover Image

    Stand By Me

    Author: Kirwan, John | ISBN: 9780143570639

    I'm a dad and I'm scared. When I say I'm a dad and I'm scared, I really mean: I'm a dad and I'm looking for answers – from the professionals, kids, mums, dads and other caregivers who have been there, holding each other's hands to hell and back. Stand by me. Let's ta...

  • What Katie Ate at the Weekend Cover Image

    What Katie Ate at the Weekend

    Author: Katie Quinn Davies | ISBN: 9781921383717

    What Katie Ate: At the Weekend takes favourite recipes from Katie Quinn Davies' wildly successful blog, along with many never-seen-before recipes, and presents them in this gorgeous book filled with Katie's unique and beautiful photography. She shares her inspiring ideas for...

  • Not My Father's Son Cover Image

    Not My Father's Son

    Author: Cumming, Alan | ISBN: 9781782115441

    Alan Cumming grew up in the grip of a man who held his family hostage, someone who meted out violence with a frightening ease, who waged a silent war with himself that sometimes spilled over onto everyone around him. That man was Alan's father, Alex Cumming. Alex was the dar...