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  • Beekle (The Adventures of) Cover Image

    Beekle (The Adventures of)

    Author: Dan Santat | ISBN: 9780316199988

    Winner of the 2015 Caldecott Medal This magical story begins on an island far away where an imaginary friend is born. He patiently waits his turn to be chosen by a real child, but when he is overlooked time and again, he sets off on an incredible journey to the bustling c...

  • I Want My Hat Back Cover Image

    I Want My Hat Back

    Author: Jon Klassen | ISBN: 9781406338539

    The bear's hat is gone and he wants it back. Patiently and politely he asks the animals he comes across whether they have seen it. Each animal says no, some more elaborately than others.

  • Goodnight Already! Cover Image

    Goodnight Already!

    Author: Jory John | ISBN: 9780008101343

    Meet Bear. He's exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep. Meet Duck, Bear's persistent next-door neighbour. All he wants is to hang out . . . with Bear. How will Bear ever fall asleep!

  • My Teacher is a Monster Cover Image

    My Teacher is a Monster

    Author: Peter Brown | ISBN: 9781447257486

    Monsters -- and teachers -- are not always what they seem! Bobby has a problem at school. It's his teacher, Miss Kirby. She stomps, she roars, and she won't even let him throw paper aeroplanes in class . . . what a monster! One day the unthinkable happens when Bobby bumps...

  • Sam & Dave Dig a Hole Cover Image

    Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

    Author: Mac Barnett | ISBN: 9781406357769

    Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find ... nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story...